Certainly uncommon.

Funky Porcupine, the alias
behind my creativity and my work.

More commonly I'm Vincent, in short, French entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in e-commerce and communication.

Photography is my daily dose of creativity, while conceiving web projects from design to development, to testing, is my second part of the day. A combination of photo, coding, and design appreciation.

About Vincent


Image is the essence of my work.

A camera in hand for over two decades, taking products pictures for my e-commerce sites, making decorative fine art frames, or simply creating an image to share an emotion, photography is and will always be my favorite tool.

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Designer and UI/UX engineer.

As an entrepreneur building and managing my own e-commerce websites, I've developed an expertise in web communication and customer relationship.

I create websites around a specific structure and a design that will focus on the best User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) possible.

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Leitmotiv & personal ethic

My personal ethic is to be honest and respectful, who work with rigor and integrity. More than an artist, I'm an engineer. I analyse every situation to find a solution to a problem, whether it is technical or design.

Now, I'm following my father's work who used to run a Communication agency. To quickly define myself, I'm a workaholic, I'm a doer.
Now that you know me better, you can call me Vincent.

Vincent Pelletier