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Funky Porcupine Photography
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Storyteller photographer

Funky Porcupine is not simply an alias.

Behind an unconventional name is the original visual work created by Vincent Pelletier.

Abstract, portrait, music or street photography, I'm always looking for the little detail that tells a unique story.

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Vincent Pelletier photographer

People photographer

With a different approach, I work to create unique portraits, as a painter would do.

I particularly enjoy creating creative portraits during a live concert, tracking emotions to capture while adapting to the environment and without being able to direct the model.

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Portrait, abstract nature, or from the street.
Different subjects, same interest to me.

Vincent Pelletier Lyon Paris Consultant

Catching hidden stories

Since over two decades, I always have a camera near me. Besides photography, I craft web projects from design, to development.

Taking e-commerce products pictures, creating decorative fine art frames, or imagining an image to share an emotion, photography is and will always be the essence of my work.

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