My experience: over a decade in e-commerce and communication.

Since 2006 I have created and managed different online boutiques, selling urban design goods, decorative home interior items, women handbags as well as soft toys and school bags for kids.

I manage the complete process of my e-shops. Buying goods from Europe, Japan and US companies, building and designing e-commerce websites, photographying products, shipping orders, and taking care of my custormers satisfaction.

My expertise in business and communication has not been learned in books, but by doing and by constantly questioning my process to improve my sales.

My experience

Design and branding

From my experience, the best idea, the most innovating product, or even a truly amazing piece of art, has simply no value without a proper communication plan.

To attract the attention of the customer, it is essential not to neglect the design and to think in itself as a brand, with a clear message. Photography is an entire part of this creation.

Moreover, the design should be created regarding to a goal, the target you want to reach, and not around personal feelings.

Funky Porcupine Vincent Pelletier branding identity


Building a website is not simply to pay attention to the look, but also to its core interface, the structure behind it.

A clean and effective website is not the result of luck, but a research of the technology to use regarding the needs.

Over the years I have been able to work with different open source CMS, and develop a personal organisation to create the right structures effectively, keeping an eye on the security behind the code.

Funky Porcupine Vincent Pelletier webdesign

Epsilon Creation
Not just an agency.

Funky Porcupine is meant to present myself. Now that you know me better, you understand that I do not talk about common business generalities, but with my real experience.

I have created Epsilon Creation, a small web agency committed to help other artists' fellows to realise their web projects, and construct their visual identity.

You can contact me about your project, or take a look at Epsilon Creation.

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