Funky Porcupine

Certainly uncommon.

Funky Porcupine, the alias
behind my creativity and my work.

More commonly I'm Vincent, to sum up, a French entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in e-commerce and communication.

Photography is my daily dose of creativity, while conceiving web projects is my second part of the day. A combination of photo, coding, and design appreciation.

Original photographies

Seeking for a detail

Photography is my way of capturing subtle details that catch my eye, aiming at bringing an emotion so that everyone will imagine a personal story.

Funky Porcupine Vincent Pelletier Photography

Leitmotiv & personal ethic

My personal ethic is to be honest and respectful, and to work with rigor and integrity. I'm an engineer with an artistic feeling. I analyse every situation to find a solution to a problem, whether technical or design.

Now, I'm following my father's work who used to run a Communication agency. To quickly define myself, I'm a workaholic, and photography is my creative tool.

Now that you know me better, you can call me Vincent.

Vincent Pelletier

Answers to common questions


Why Funky Porcupine?

That's the most frequent question! Well, my real name is Vincent Pelletier, but it's too common, and boring. As I explain branding, why not applying those principles to myself? Plus it defines my personality...


Why Photography?

I have a camera in hand for over two decades. From products photos to decorative frames, or simply to share an emotion, photography is and will always be my favorite tool.


Can we collab?

I'm open to collaboration, photo or e-business consulting, but mutual respect is essential. I make it a point of honour. Know that I'm interested to build projects, not about fame.


But why that pseudo!

There is no need to explain Funky, that's obvious. But if I give an explanation, the intriguing part is lost. Let's say that I have a huge sense of humor, but it's better not to fool me. If you have an idea, tell me!

More Questions?

  • Q: Can I order a print

    A: Well, yes. But I do not simply sell pictures. I like quality, and I sell decorative object that will suit your needs and budget of course. Check the page about print, I give better explanations there, and then tell me what I can do.

  • Q: Where are you located?

    A: I live in France (oh, and I'm French, just in case), not far from Lyon. I can easily go to Paris or Switzerland (to be more accurate, I'm French, with 1/4 German blood and 1/16 Swiss, not really interesting, but still...).

  • Q: What do you hate?

    A: Liars.

  • Q: Do you have a dog or cat?

    A: Eh, a little fun in this about me section. No, I don't, but I love dogs, seriously, I wish I had enough time to have a Golden Retriever, or a Saint-Bernard... (in that case, my pictures would be 99% dogs' portraits...). I like cats too, and also elephants, turtles, birds,...

A project or a print?
Get in touch with me, I don't bite
Serious self-portrait

A pseudonym is generally used as a concealment tool, the opposite of my ethic.

To get a little more about who's behind Funky Porcupine, and understand the integrity behind my work, I must precise that I'm always transparent and I make no pretence.

A porcupine logo is nice to identify myself, but this is me (sometimes I smile!)

Funky Porcupine
an original concept around creativity

Decorative objects
Nature and Abstract

Light and shadows contrasts, colorful gradients, mysterious black & white frame, I always look for a beautiful composition that will create an emotion.

Portrait photography
Bring joy and beauty

Capturing a singular moment, to enlighten an expression. I really enjoy taking portraits photography, whether it is a model or a music band.

Product photography
e-boutique showcase

In e-commerce the most important descriptive part are products' images. White background or in situation, I work to present them as exactly as possible.

Uninteresting things

But that's my personal background, my techy side.

  • 3 years

    2001 - 2004

    Graduated Biomedical Engineer - ISIFC Besancon

    Engineer diploma / Master of Sciences & Engineering

    Studied biomedical engineering, nuclear physics, electronic, medicine...
    Specialisation in human body imagery systems: CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, ...

  • 2 years

    1999 - 2001

    DEUG STPI - Besancon University

    B.A in Engineering Sciences (honours)

    Applied Physics, Mathematics, Electronic and Computing development for Engineers.

  • 1 year

    1998 - 1999


    IUT Angoulême

    Electronic, Electrotechnic and Computing sciences.

  • 1998

    BAC S


    Baccalauréat diploma in Sciences, Mathematical specialisation.

In summary, Funky Porcupine is a sort of photographer and an atypical entrepreneur, with one main goal:
to create original decorative objects that will make a smile.

Vincent Pelletier

A visual creative mind
Let's work together