Funky Porcupine photography work by Vincent Pelletier

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My latests pictures.

  • Lights up the scene

    Lights up the scene

    An abstract black and white photography work, between highlights and darkness.

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  • Microscopic antenna

    Microscopic antenna

    Simply a mushroom black and white photography, but with such a particular shape.

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  • Touching the light

    Touching the light

    A contrast photography, between warm autumnal light, and subtle sequoia branch.

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  • Autumn simplicity

    Autumn simplicity

    Photography of a simple autumnal landscape.

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  • Minimalist grey

    Minimalist grey

    A shade of grey photography, with mist over the mountain.

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  • Into the night

    Into the night

    A minimalist dark photography - A simple branch in a colorful sky.

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  • Golden shadows

    Golden shadows

    An autumnal picture, with a lonely golden maple leave.

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  • Bright spots

    Bright spots

    A simple spring flower, in a black and white frame.

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