Funky Porcupine creative photography work

by Vincent Pelletier

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Black and white photography

Working to compose subtle images in a dark atmosphere.

Some subjects are particularly adapted to black and white, revealing a special feeling or an attitude.

In a way, B&W allows to create timeless images, and even dramatic scenes playing only with the lights.

Nature's models.

Colors and bokeh love.

I particularly like to pursue trivial nature subjects, work on a frame that enlighten a simple flower or just a branch. As for a fashion photoshoot, both model and background are important.

My Latest photographs

Phoenix sky

Orange sunset

Soft choisya

Delicate flowers

Marguerite / Daisy

Contrast flower

Yellow flowers

Bokeh shot

Red poppy

Green Nature

Dark and cloudy

B&W sky

Vincent Pelletier

Creative, entrepreneur, astronomer...

Post-processing rocks!

By degree I'm a biomedical Engineer, specialized in imagery systems. Time goes by, and after co-created my own company in communication and design, I moved to different images. Besides properly taking pictures, I must precise I love being around optics and post-processing.

Photographic tools

Even if it doesn't impact that much, here are the tools I mostly use:

- Canon DSLRs and lenses

- Adobe Photoshop

- DxO Optics

- Wacom tablets

- lots of pencils to write down ideas

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I like to present my pictures, and write some little funky funny stories. Sometimes I share some interesting informations about photography and editing techniques.